This politician’s booty in cryptomony is astonishing

This politician’s booty in cryptomony is astonishing – $24 million in Monero, really?

It’s not just Bitcoin in life – While many billionaires have revealed their love for Bitcoin (BTC) this year, it’s rarer to see the same for a sulfurous cryptomony like Monero (XMR). This is however the case of this Ukrainian millionaire, who had a real crush on this anonymous crypto.

Since he has been a member of the city council of the city of Kramatorsk, Ukraine, Rostislav Solod has had to declare the various elements that constitute his assets (as part of an anti-corruption procedure).

In an official document, we learn in particular Bitcoin Bank that this young 19-year-old politician is said to possess the trifle of 185,000 XMR from the Monero project.

At the time of writing, this represents a little more than 24 million dollars.

XMRs bought for less than $1

This love for Monero is not recent, since the young man invested in this anonymous cryptomony at the age of 14.

Indeed, still according to the document made public, Rostislav Solod declares having bought his XMRs in December 2015, for purchase prices fluctuating between 0.30 and 0.50 dollars each.

We will take note here of the courage in HODL of this young politician, as we can admire that he continues to keep his XMRs today, when they are at 130 dollars each. What can we say about the moment when he saw the price of the

XMR reach its ATH (its highest) at more than 490 dollars on 7 January 2018?

At the age of 16 or 17, he was able to see his investment worth $90.5 million in the space of a day. He’s a cold-blooded young man who promises, if he really makes a career in politics.

It must be said that the young man is the son of two Ukrainian politicians, Natalia Korolevska and Yuriy Solod, who are both members of the national parliament. A new law on crypto-actives has just been adopted in first reading by the Ukrainian Parliament. The latter officially classifies cryptos as „intangible assets“.